Metrolina Preparedness

Facilitating coordination and cooperation throughout the Triad region so partners can mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergent health and medical events.

What We Do

The Triad Healthcare Preparedness Coalition (Triad HPC) is comprised of regional healthcare partners such as hospitals, EMS, public health, emergency management, public safety and other healthcare entities with the purpose of enhancing the ability of the region to be more resilient in a disaster. The coalition provides a forum for all partners who have a role in healthcare disaster planning, response, or mitigation to plan together. The Triad HPC staff facilitate the planning initiatives with the coalition.

The activities of the Coalition are based upon the regional needs, the Healthcare Preparedness Capabilities developed by ASPR, and the North Carolina Office of EMS. Within the region. The Triad HPC is guided by the elected Steering Committee with additional input from the regional partners. A quarterly planning meeting is conducted to provide an opportunity to share best practices, information and develop initiatives. Coalition activities have included annual regional exercises, coordination of education and training, development of decontamination capabilities within hospitals and EMS, and the provision of VMN radios to all hospital and EMS partners. All initiatives are funded through the ASPR Healthcare Preparedness Program Grant and through in-kind support from regional partners.

Triad SMAT 500

The Triad HPC also manages the Triad State Medical Assistance Team (Triad SMAT), which is a multidisciplinary volunteer team comprised of medical and non-medical personnel. The Triad SMAT was established to provide medical support for short and long term disasters or catastrophic events. Roles in which the Triad SMAT can provide set up and provision of a mobile treatment facility, regional and state logistics support, and community alternate care support.