Metrolina Preparedness

To ensure the delivery of healthcare services that protect the health and well-being of the residents and guests of North Carolina before, during, and after events that may overwhelm the healthcare system.

2019 World Scout Jamboree Deployment

THPC SMAT 500 will deploy to Glen Jean, West Virginia to setup provisions of our field medical facility in support of the 2019 World Scout Jamboree that will take place from July 17 –August 2, 2019.  The Jamboree is held on the Summit Bechtel Reserve within the city of Glen Jean. This is the 3rd year the SMAT 500 has been asked to provide the field medical facility for the Scouting Association.  In both 2013 and 2017, the medical center was to accommodate the National Boy Scouts of America Jamboree.  This year marks the first time our field setup will provide care for the World Scout Jamboree.  This is a setup and demobilization deployment only.  We will be exercising the following capabilities for both phases that include, but are not limited to: SMAT volunteer management, logistic coordination, provision and demobilization of field medical facility, command structure, communication.

This deployment will occur in two phases. The first phase will be on July 12-14, 2019. This phase includes the provision of the field medical facility and ancillary equipment requested by the camp Medical Director.  The second phase of the deployment will take place on August 2-4, 2019.  This phase will include demobilization of medical center and ancillary equipment.


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